The best web hosting: pay close attention to these 8 features.

The best hosting fits seamlessly with the type of website you have and the way you want to use it. That sounds pretty abstract and vague, so how can you choose the best web hosting? I list the 8 features that make you recognize good web hosting services. It’s all about what you need and how you want to use the website or web shop.

The 8 features of good web hosting.

Good web hosting is not just cheap web hosting. Instead, we distinguish 8 features that should be present.

Data traffic
Disk space
Customer service

It is important that the package of your web hosting offers possibilities for sufficient data traffic and disk space. Customer service must be smooth and easily accessible and the price for the package should not be too high. Of course you have sufficient control and safety is guaranteed. After all, a fast website with a high uptime is best for you.

1. Data traffic.

Data traffic represents all exchange of pages on your website and its parts (files on the server) with the visitors who call them. The greater the number of visitors to your website and the greater the number of pages they visit, the greater the amount of data traffic you consume.
A good web host gives you unlimited data traffic per month. At an average size of 50 KB per page, this means that you can easily process 200.000 visitors a month.
Are you starting a blog or a web shop with large product photos? Keep in mind that the pages will be a bit larger, so you will get a large amount of data traffic faster .

2. Disk space.

You use the disk space on the server to store files of your website. It can be the HTML and PHP files of your website, just like the installation of WordPress or another CMS, of course including the databases with articles.
You should have your web host’s standard unlimited disk space at your disposal, plenty for big websites or shops. Do you publish large photos or do you want to post videos yourself? That should be no problem for real good hosting providers.
Your type and size of your website determines the amount of hard disk space you need with good web hosting.

3. Customer service.

The best web hosting is only a good choice if you can also count on a nice and above all fast service. Especially if you do not have that much technical knowledge or you cannot invest too much time in it, a good help desk is of great added value. Good website hosting companies have IT engineers standing by who are able to counter any issue you may have. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Wondering if cheap web hosting is a good choice? Check, for example, to what extent the customer service proactively provides information, you yourself have control over a Control Panel and whether you can find answers to frequently asked questions.
You can also ask any question to customer service. Good companies use a fast ticket system, based on which specialists will start working for you immediately.

4. Price.

It shouldn’t be the main consideration, but cheap web hosting is certainly attractive. Therefore, take a good look at the price per month and the price per year.
Check the price per year for good web hosting and also check which extras are included. For example, check whether there is a free SSL Certificate, any Web Apps and the Site Builder. After payment, any hosting account should be activated instantly without delay so you can start immediately.

5. Control.

With the best web hosting you have full control over your website and you can adjust important data yourself. That way you keep the reins in your hands and you are not dependent on (expensive) specialists.
Check whether you can use a reliable Control Panel, from which you can manage the website and view or adjust the data. This concerns, for example, the installation of a CMS such as WordPress, the DNS data, database management, creating and managing e-mail addresses and the files that you upload to the server.
With the Control Panel you manage the web hosting of your choice on every device.

6. Security.

In terms of security, the best web hosting offers you excellent support from the hosting provider. At the same time, you can take a number of measures yourself. Good web hosting protects you against hacking, for example. That way, hackers don’t just get the chance to break into your website or even take it over.
A web host should offer ModSecurity, to ensure that you are protected against brute force attacks and other hacking attempts from outside. They should add a free SSL Certificate to this, so that visitors can enter their data securely and send it to you without any problems.

7. Speed.

Good web hosting ensures a short loading time of your website, so that you can offer visitors a pleasant and user-friendly experience. Research shows that visitors leave within a few seconds, so it is important to ensure that the web page is immediately available to visitors.

8. Uptime.

Finally, good web hosting is characterized by excellent uptime. This represents the time that the website is online, compared to the time when it is not available. An uptime of 99.99% or more guarantees that your website is always available. This allows visitors to surf there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view your services, browse products, or get in touch.

Richard is an expert in the field of web hosting and domain name registration. He also loves programming, web design and search engine optimization.

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