What is Google reCAPTCHA and how can you use it on your site?


Spam, all website owners suffer from it and sometimes it is difficult to get rid of it. Spam in the comments of your blog posts are the most common. Plugins such as Akismet and Antispam Bee prevent the most nuisance there, but we increasingly see spam being sent via contact forms. Fortunately, there are various options for limiting or sometimes stopping the nuisance. Google reCAPTCHA is one of them. Because a lot of spam is sent via automatic scripts, Google has come up with a solution that spam bots cannot deal with. You have certainly seen this on another site. After you have checked a selection for “I am not a robot”, you can start counting traffic lights, shop windows or buses.

How do you implement it on your site?

To use Google reCAPTCHA on your site you need API keys. You can create this for free. It’s not difficult. I’ll tell you how it works below: First of all, go to the Google reCAPTCHA site. After you have logged in with your Google account, you will enter a screen where you have to fill in various fields. Start with a label. Here you can enter the domain name of your website. After that you have to choose a reCAPTCHA version. Version 3 isn’t visible to visitors on your site. Version 2 gives you a few extra choices, including the “I’m not a robot” choice. If you do not want to inconvenience your visitors, choose version 3. Then enter the domain name of your site for domains. The owners email address has already been filled in for you and tick the box to accept the terms of service. Sending notifications to owners can be left checked. Ready to click submit. On the next screen you will see the two API keys that you should use for your website. For example, if you use a plugin like Contact Form 7, you can use it to give your form an extra layer of protection. That’s all! Good luck with implementing Google reCAPTCHA on your site!

Richard is an expert in the field of web hosting and domain name registration. He also loves programming, web design and search engine optimization.

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